About Us

Our Vision

Loomers and weavers are the last vestiges of an unmechanised industry, that puts workmanship first and above all. They are the last guardians of the traditional Indian weave artistry, that still relies on handlooms to weave us the saree of our dreams. 

Our mission was to seek out and provide a niche platform for all the vibrant local arts and handcrafts, that resonates of our culture. So, every time you choose Handloom, you choose heritage above all. Every time you buy a piece from us, it helps us preserve India!

Our Products

Envisioned and innovated by the most talented of artists across the subcontinent our weaves, trinkets and life style products are all handcrafted, eco friendly and fashion forward.

Weaves starting from cottons, rants, linens and silk are carefully selected out of stacks of handloomed sarees, from handspun yarn. Each saree has its own struggles and it's little story to tell.


Divya Shori

Divya has an overall corporate experience of 15 years spanning across IT and Consulting Industries. She currently heads a training and development wing for a management consulting company. Her passion to promote home grown and local artisans brought her to work and craft out TheiaScape. She brings the best ideas and strategies to the table and drives the brand's ideologies through many CSR activities.