Handloom sarees is an art which is primarily native to India and Bangladesh. While only natural fabrics are employed to create the beautiful pieces of sarees, the weaving process takes quite a few days ranging from three days to even twenty-five days. Handloom sarees are lightweight, durable and extremely soft to wear. The intricate artwork of handloom takes place in many regions of India, each differing in its motifs, themes, prints, fabrics, designs and colours. Handloom sarees are primarily named after their place of orgin, for example Dhakai sarees are based in Dhaka, while Banarasi saree is curated out of Banaras. 

While Linen sarees are valued for its comfortability quotient which makes it the best choice for one in hot summer weathers, Jamdani Sarees, literally feel like being wrapped around by air. The soft, silky muslin textile which is incorporated to produce the Jamdani sarees, often uses a mixture of gold and cotton threads. The extensive weaving of the royal muslin fabric serves to be the reflection of the excellent flair of weaving displayed by the weavers. The sarees love to flow, are rich in geometric motifs, figural and floral patterns, which are in contrast to the base fabric. The Jamdani Saree is considered to be the finest muslin sarees in the world. 

Assam, being the hidden gem of Indian, produces the rarest of silks that are available in the market. One of the most ironical things about Assam silk is the fact that more you use it, the softer the fabric results into, over time. With every passing day, the fabric will turn out to be more shinier, glossier, softer and stronger than ever before. It constitutes to be one of the most durable handloom fabrics of all times, with extreme indigenous and intricate weaving coming into play.

Dongria Sarees are another rare and exquisite pieces of handloom is meticulously hand woven by the tribal community of Dongria KondhSarees weaved are thick besides emphasizing on geometric designs and vibrant embroidery work. Begumpuri sarees are loosely woven, lightweight and can be distinguishingly identified with their contrasting borders. Narrow borders are woven with designs of various stripes and figured motifs using dyed cotton yarn on the weft. These sarees have an intrinsic design that keeps them unique from other sarees. Begumpuri sarees are woven in bright colour combinations with a distinct extra weft serrated pattern on the body and pallu.

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