Taking Care of Your Fashion Jewellery

“Jewellery has the power to be one little thing that makes you feel unique”

                                                                                             -Elizabeth Taylor 

Jewellery is a very important part of any outfit, as it revamps and completes your look. But we often forget to take good care of it and clean it. There is also a myth that German Silver and Oxidised Metal jewellery does not last long. However, with good care one can keep non-precious metal jewellery as good as new for many years.

 Here are some ways you can increase the life of your fashion jewellery.

      1. Keep Oxidsed Jewellery Dry

 Try and avoid coming in contact with water while wearing. Always keep it clean and away from moisture.

      2. Storing Fashion Jewellery

Since fashion jewellery is delicate, it tends to get damaged when kept loose. It's very important to store your costume jewellery in a right and proper place. Mixing polished jewellery together can also tarnish it's colour. Instead separate silver and gold polished metal in different containers and pouches. If you are not keeping each piece in a separate ziplock bag, make sure to place cotton wool in your container and then place multiple pieces in it. This way they can be treasured well for years.

      3. Cleaning Oxidised and German Silver Jewellery

 As a thumb rule stay away from any kind of cleaning agents, water and soap for cleaning your German Silver and Oxidised Metal jewellery. However, to keep it tarnish free, gently rub the pieces with a few drops of diluted lemon juice and clean it with a dry cloth or a tissue paper. Store it in designated ziplock bags or containers.

     4. Refrain from Coating your Costume Jewellery

At times we our tempted to coat our non-precious jewellery with nail polish or acrylic paints to give them a fresh appearance. However this can damage the original polish in the long run and damage your jewellery. To avoid the downside, it's always better to keep the jewellery as it is. 

     5. Some other Do’s and Don'ts for Fashion Jewellery 

Make sure you remove your jewellery, before cleaning anything, taking a shower, swimming etc. as it can damage it. Chlorine in the water can react with the metals and change the colour of the jewellery it's advisable to remove it before going for a swim. Similarly, when you do your daily chores like the dishes, dusting etc., harmful chemicals in the cleaning agents can spoil your beautiful jewellery.

Always put on your jewellery after you have applied your perfume,makeup or lotion, just to prevent it from reacting with your jewellery.  It's rightly said, put your jewellery on last and take it off first.

Do try these quick tips and tricks to take better care of your Fashion Jewellery, and do share with us if these were of help to you.