No more business. It is Womanness!


A woman is the embodiment of a multitasking entity; a homemaker, a mother, an artist, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a banker, and many diverging identities being converged into a woman's identity. Long gone are the days when women would be hidden behind the veil, only coming out of the purdah when asked to. The woman today no longer has a meek voice. She breaks the shackles of patriarchy and changes the narrative to create a space for herself in the hegemonic male society. Be it law, arts, academics, technology, business or space, the sky is the limit.


The woman is no longer confined to the four walls. In the process of creating her identity in the big world out there, she is also pursuing and persevering the role of a mother, a daughter and a wife. After all, it is not without reason, the word ‘mompreneur’ has been coined. The three-dimensional identity accorded to a woman is what defines her as the superhuman, embracing every new challenge at every intersection, battling with her problems and still moving forward with a smile. 

And keeping in tandem with the ethos of our small business TheiaScape, this blog is all about women in business. Yes, the first women entrepreneur who serves to be the name in most of our minds is Indra Nooyi. But why go so far when we have women entrepreneurs leading the fabulous Team TheiaScape. TheiaScape, not only is all about women empowerment but is also about supporting the right cause while uplifting the marginalised and downtrodden. 

Women in business, Naari Shakti, is one of the leading slogans of India today. Indeed, the buzz around this word tends to emerge around Women’s Day, but we at TheiaScape make this word an everyday affair. From our logistics to social media handling, packaging, content, and product supervision, every aspect of the business is handled most efficiently and effectively by women. This woman-led team is the epitome of the definition of gratification. With agency to oneself and with no ‘man’ to answer to, we are the strongest shoulders on which we carry the boulders of our business, happily. 

It is the unleashing of women entrepreneurship that will open up new avenues in human, social, and financial capital. The time is long gone when women determined their success in the world of business by comparing their ability to adjust to the male-dominated culture. The women in business are promoting and breaking the shackles of male supremacy by utilising the skills, knowledge and experience, and converting the ideal dream of mindset into reality. 

A woman is an essential instrument for social change. The negative perception of women as weak and fragile should be swapped, bearing in mind their mental toughness and physical strength. They have the potential to undertake and perform anything they choose at a personal level. It is high time that society stops deciding the character of a girl by the length of her skirt. Society stops deciding a girl’s future, whether she wishes to pursue education, a job or marriage. The need of the hour is that girls are given their freedom to fly instead of clipping their wings and chaining them in a cage.