HandL(oom) with Care


HANDL(oom) WITH CARE is an interplay of words with Handle With Care. Handloom is one of the most indigenous and traditional art forms of India. The intricate artwork of handloom takes place in many regions of India, each differing in its motifs, themes, prints, fabrics, designs and colours. We at TheiaScape bring you the extraordinary amalgamation of all the handloom sarees under one platform. Right from the majestic Begumpuri sarees to the modern and chic linen sarees, we are here to handle all your Handloom ‘with Care’. 

  • Begumpuri Sarees with Fish Weaving  



Begumpuri sarees are loosely woven, lightweight and can be distinguishingly identified with their contrasting borders. Narrow borders are woven with designs of various stripes and figured motifs using dyed cotton yarn on the weft. These sarees have an intrinsic design that keeps them unique from other sarees. These sarees' patterns and designs signify the old-age tradition of West Bengal. Clad in one of the power colours of blue, our model is radiating absolute finesse and grace. With the summers right around the corner, we are sure the lovely fabric is to keep all your ‘hot’ worries away! 

  • Handloom Linen Sarees

    Linen is one of the oldest fabrics and has the earliest evidence of being manufactured, dating back to approximately 4000 years ago. While consuming this nugget of knowledge, linen sarees have the most beautiful fall and fit and are best suited to both formal and informal wear. The naturalised rough look to the fabric satisfies all the aesthetic desires. It can be paired with simple minimalistic wooden or oxidised jewellery. If there is one fabric better than cotton to beat the summer heat, it is linen!
  • Organic Khadi Cotton Begumpuri Sarees

    Khadi, the nation’s signature fabric, has always been associated with freedom, independence and struggle. And what better way to unleash your inner fury other than donning the beautiful, versatile and light fabric which makes it super comfortable to wear and carry. Khadi is one of the most perfect choices for your wardrobe because this fabric helps you to keep yourself cool in summer and warm in the winters. The simple yet elegant Khadi saree can be accessorised with minimalist silver or oxidised jewellery, making you the powerful woman you’ve always envisioned yourself to be!. 
  • Begumpuri Sarees

    Begumpuri sarees are named after the place Begumpur in Hooghly district, West Bengal. Although the handloom history of this place goes back to 200-250 years! Begumpuri sarees are woven in bright colour combinations with a distinct extra weft serrated pattern on the body and pallu. These cotton beauties would take one to two days to weave, either elementary or more intricate designs that could even take five to six days to complete. Get your hands on this beautiful piece of handloom and relish the subtle sophistication after wearing them, which is absolutely gorgeous! 
  • Tissue Linen Sarees

    Tissue sarees are one of the most delicate forms of sarees. They are named so because of the extremely fine threads that lend tissue paper's appearance and texture. Linen sarees are new and are emerging as a statement alternative to silk and cotton yards. The simple yet elegant sarees impart an air of sophistication to the wearer and are incredibly sturdy, durable and can definitely be found in the wardrobes of women with exquisite taste. We at TheiaScape offer a wide array of Tissue Linen Sarees. We urge you to pick your favourite six yards of the perfect amalgamation of linen and zari and adorn the subtly shiny saree like the prettiest woman you are!