Gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here!!! We all want to present something to our loved ones, this valentines. Giving someone a present that they can cherish for a long time is very important. But why go for cliche gifts? Here are some unique yet thoughtful gift ideas.


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These Handmade soaps can be personalised to suit your partner's skin type and can be made in fragrances of your choice. Since they are paraben free they make a lovely organic gift idea. Bath bombs are also very trendy these days. After using them, it kind of gives you a calming effect, leaving your skin rejuvenated. 


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This is an evergreen and a go to gift idea, as every girl loves her makeup. So quirky lipstick shades, makeup pallets, Kohl’s, highlighters, etc...could be gifted.



A cute plant could be gifted for plant lovers, as it can brighten up their garden place. You could also go eco friendly by using a pot that’s made out of recycled plastic.


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Handbags are always a very important accessory. They are not only used for fashion, but they are also an essential. A beautiful handbag gift like a tote, shoulder bag, crossbody bag, semi-circle clutch or a satchel could be the go to gift, as they all are very trendy.


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 Memories should always be cherished. What better than Valentine’s Day to present these? So these cute, pretty magnets could be gifted, with memorable pictures inside each of them. So that whenever they look at them, it will rewind those sweet times.


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Who doesn’t love chocolates, right? One can never deny chocolates. Exotic handcrafted boxes of chocolates are the perfect gift idea for chocolate lovers, this valentines.



Jewelry would make any women happy, as they treasure them as prized possessions. What’s better than giving handmade jewelry? Here are few jewelry ideas.

They are known as semi precious jewelry. They also look very beautiful and it has the power to elevate any look. 

Fashionable, ultra glam rings are always in fashion. They add a lot of elegance to your attire. So statement, chunky rings can be considered as a good gifting idea.

These are beautiful, inexpensive, durable and long lasting. So a dazzling choker or a neckpiece is the perfect gift for this valentines. 


Handloom sarees have definitely made a comeback and major influencers on Instagram are moving towards quirky styling options with sarees. Therefore, a saree can be a great gifting option if your partner likes Indian Ethnic wear. Different types of sarees like cotton, linen, begumpuris, silk etc could be gifted.


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Using a jewellery box is very important to keep the jewellery organized and  easy to pick without any hassles. This is a perfect gift idea for people who love to keep their jewellery neat and organized. You can choose from a range of handcrafted, vintage or contemporary jewellery boxes.



Well it’s a perfect gift for scented candle lovers. A lot of people love burning scented candles for different reasons. You could pick their favourite fragrance. They would just love the soothing and warm aroma of it. 

So these were a couple of gifting ideas for this Valentine’s Day. Hope you found it helpful and do let us know which one you found unique and interesting.