Drape Like a Diva

Are you bored of the same old draping styles? The typical ways of draping a saree is old-fashioned and could get boring. It's time to reinvent and innovate your wardrobe with some cool and quirky drapes. Let's take a look at  what’s currently in trend and try the different fashionable ways in which you can drape your saree without resorting to the banal styles.

The Knotty Drape

The Knotty Drape with a Khadi Cotton Saree

This is a very contemporary drape with a variation in the pallu. A soft khadi organic cotton saree could be used for this drape, as it would make it look more beautiful. And in the end a simple belt could be used to top off this outfit.

Watch our YouTube video on how to get this look.

 The Butterfly Drape

The Butterfly Drape, with a Linen Saree

This is a unique and trending style of draping a saree. It gives the effect of wearing a dress, while you are in a saree. You can choose a vibrant colour like how we have used a yellow coloured Linen Saree, with any belt of your choice. And finally, you can finish off this amazing look with your favourite pieces of oxidised jewellery.

 Watch our YouTube tutorial on how to get this look.

The Wrap Drape

The Wrap Drape with a Begumpuri Saree

A beautiful Begumpuri handwoven, soft cotton saree which is a combination of black and yellow has been used here. It’s a go to drape for the winters as you can wrap it up around you it gives warmth.This drape is perfect to be worn at your workplace too! And at the end you can secure the look with a cool belt. 

Watch our YouTube tutorial on how to get it right.


The Side Pleat Drape

The Side Pleat Drape with a Gol Booti Linen Saree

Well, if you're looking for a simple saree draping technique, then this is the one! You drape it like a normal saree, but instead of tucking the pleats in the center you tuck them a little on the right. Just a fun twist, isn't it? A beautiful orange and pink Linen Saree has been here for the drape.

Watch our Youtube tutorial if you are still wondering how this works.


The Two Pleat Drape

The Two Pleat Drape with a Lime Green Linen Saree

This is a traditional drape, but with a cool new twist! It’s a quick fix when you are rushing out but still want to wear a saree. Instead of making multiple pleats, make two broad pleats, tuck them in the center. Leave the pallu a little longer than usual, make pleats, drape it over your shoulder and bring the longer side over your arm for a cool, fuss-free look. We chose a lime green Linen Saree for this look. 


Watch our YouTube tutorial to learn this drape. 


Do share your favorite drape style and pictures with these or other styles with us. We would love to hear how you drape your sarees.