Dekho, Magar Pyaar Se!

Gender fluidity, societal constructs, LGBTQIA+ community - all words which garner a haww reaction from the Gen Y and the boomers. BUT, wait, hold on! I am so sure, you the reader, are definitely not one of them.

Fashion has been one of the first avenues, which has witnessed the rapture in the socially constructed definitions of gender. Moving beyond the binaries of the two sexes, fashion provides the space for transcending the masculine and feminine contours. And one of the prime examples of the same, especially in the Indian scenario, can be witnessed on the Instagram profiles of fashion influencers like Siddharth Batra and Ankush Bahuguna. They have been embracing the so-called ‘feminine' accessories. Normalising aspects like wearing make up, adorning jewellery or even rocking and styling themselves in sarees and skirts and crop tops.  



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[Siddharth Batra, wearing his girlfriend’s crop top]

While one often blames the previous boomer generation for their refusal of acceptance, individuals belonging to this new generation also don’t seem to be taking it in the right stride at times. Individuals attempting a social change in society are often called names, are labelled and misgendered. BUT, we are sure, you the reader, are definitely not one of them. 

Belonging to the land of Kamasutra and Ardhanareshwara, it is high time one embraces the diverse identities and accepts the spectrum of gender rather than just constructing it as a binary. Gender Fluid Fashion is the new in. And we, at TheiaScape, are wholeheartedly in support of the same. Our sarees and jewellery are entirely unisex and would look gorgeous on any human being who would choose to wear them. Right from our plethora of indigenous handloom sarees to intricately crafted jewellery, our aim always has been to uplift and vocalise the needs of the minorities. In a nation with rich culture, heritage and art, it is high time we embrace and promote our rich cultural artefacts and wear them with pride and love for our motherland.   


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[Going by the Instagram handle of ‘misterghosh’, Bodhi, is a digital creator, lawyer, queer activist and one of our favourite #meninsarees]

This is a time of gender upheaval, where gender norms are bending. The traditional definitions of what a man and a woman can wear are blending. And hence, we urge you, the reader, to look at everything with love. Accept the transcendentalism, shatter the binaries and boundaries, destroy toxic masculine mannerisms and traits and instead embrace the androgynous, unisex and gender-neutral fashion. After all, Dekho, Magar Pyar Se.