Dark Academia, but with a Desi Twist

Owing to the Covid 19 pandemic, a subculture aesthetic entered around higher education, writing poetry, socialising love for art and architecture, especially in relation to the classic Greek and Gothic architecture, saw a rise on Tumblr. It happens to be an internet fashion aesthetic, particularly developed in the first world white countries, and hence being symbolic by long dark gowns, leather skirts, chequered shirts and all things fashionably goth. Since, the subculture primarily revolved around poetry and all things education and art, the term ‘academia’ has been accorded to it. The Dark Academic fashion is filled with nostalgic vibes, and aims to recreate the 19th century vibes of the academicians in England. 

And at TheiaScape, we decided to try out the Dark Academia look, but with a Desi Twist! Yes, you guessed it right! We are here to satisfy all your dark academic cravings, channelising the aesthetic through handloom sarees, jewellery and all things organically art. 

First things first, to adorn and rock the dark academic look, we would need you to get into a dark black or blue saree, which leaves the littlest of colours for imagination. And we feel, these would be our first picks.

1. Ebony Begum | Organic Begumpuri Saree

2. Nightingale | Organic Khadi Cotton Saree

3. Azure | Organic Cotton Dongria Saree

4. Raven | Khadi Cotton Saree

5. Midnight Raven | Organic Dhakai Jamdani Saree

6. Charcoal Chimes

7. Black Swan 

Now that we have established our outfit, let’s get our hands on some minimalist organic, in house and hand curated jewellery! To complement the perfect dark academic saree, we feel these are the best jewellery pieces which serve the look and completely fit the purpose. 

  1. Collared
  2. Kala Hakik | Black Agate Pendant Necklace Set 
  3. Lily of the Nile | Agate Neckpiece Set
  4. Suryamukhi | Set of Studs and Rings
  5. Nymph in the Woods | Flat, Black Agates Set
  6. Silver, Black Stone Cuff Style Bracelet 
  7. Golden Black Stone Bracelet

And voila! There you have, the perfect dark academic look, but with a desi twist, only with and at TheiaScape, your one stop store for all things beautiful, handicraft and art!