Adorn the Perfect Pooja Bhatt ‘Bombay Begum’ Look, with TheiaScape

The beautiful you, A pinch of gorgeousness, insurmountable amount of Confidence, one beautiful smile and of course, one Tussar Silk Saree, and a contrasting or complementary blouse and silver or oxidised jewellery.

Preparation Time:
Depending on the diva you are, no matter how many minutes you take, it is acceptable and perfectly alright.


Step 1:
Look into the mirror, and affirm yourself: “I am Beautiful, I am the Best, I am the most Gorgeous and Prettiest Human Being on the planet Earth.”

Step 2: Drape the Tussar Silk Saree, around yourself, while pairing it with a blouse either with complementary or contradictory colour.
For example, while pairing a Royal Blue Tussar Silk Saree, pair it up with a black blouse for a chic, formal look or with a blouse with a golden brocade for an evening party look.

Step 3: While draping the saree, feel proud that you are supporting the local handicraft art, moulded and brought together by the tribal women of Bhagalpur. We are so proud of you for being vocal and supporting the local.

Step 4: Embellish your look with minimal oxidised or silver jewellery. One statement neckpiece or chocker along with a few bangles and one ring on that pretty finger of yours.

Step 5: Ta - da! We have you, rocking into the most gorgeous piece of handloom Tussar Saree with the perfect you!